Nancy has over 20 years of experience in early childhood development and working with hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing clients. Her practice in Florida has been recognized for its insightful and effective methods in helping children overcome traumas and early childhood development problems. She incorporates the family into the solution and directs treatment to build on the child's self-esteem, allowing them to overcome their problems with dignity and support from their parents and siblings. For over ten years Nancy was in charge of as well developed programs for hearing impaired children at a specialized school for the deaf. In this position she gained valuable experience in treating, assessing, and developing ways to counsel deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. Utilizing both play therapy, art therapy, interactive counseling methods, and her understanding of the complications children face in adjusting as they age, Nancy brings with her a compassion and understanding that is deep and insightful. 2011 All Rights Reserved. Please Read our Privacy Notice for any questions regarding our use of your email address.