What is Coaching 4 Kids?

Through the Coaching for Kids process, children can communicate their experiences that are affecting their current level of functioning. As the child shares the events in their lives, emotional growth evolves, assisting them with a sense of understanding and comfort. The process will enable them to make positive decisions and choices in the future. This site is designed to give parents tools and resources that they can use in the comfort of their own home that resembles the one on one counseling process that is an important part of Coaching for Kids used in an office setting. By giving you the tools we have used effectively in a clinical environment, we are certain that you will be successful in coaching your child at home.

Why does Coaching 4 Kids Help?

Children are unable to understand and talk about their feelings as well as adults do. Coaching for Kids teaches children how to effectively communicate and gain experiences in problem solving. This becomes beneficial to the child as they give expression to their experiences and emotions. Children can recreate by learning how to express their anger, fears, sadness or frustrations currently influencing their behavior. A benefit of the Coaching for Kids program and resources is that children can learn to communicate and problem solve at their own developmental level. The relationship that you can build using the resources on this site will provide your child with a sense of security, thus enabling them to recreate emotionally stressful experiences.

How can Coaching 4 Kids help my child?

With the resources provided, parents can begin a Coaching for Kids program at home. Guides, White Papers and instruction are offered to begin the communication process with your child(ren). Children will begin to change their personal views of events in the world and begin to build on their interactions with others. As children recreate their frustrations or disappointments with you, they will begin to build a solid base to deal with their emotional upset. This leads to higher self-esteem and social competence in activities with family, friends and peers.

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