Deafness and the Family

Where did it come from?

How did it happen to me?

What can I do about it?

As parents and family member we spend countless hours

Caring for young children. When a family has a child who

Cannot hear, there are expectation that everyone may need to make.

We need to make sure that the child receives all that they need to become productive members of society, The work will include creating a safe environment for the child, but it can be very stressful and tiring for the parents.

This brief synopsis will offer information to help families and caregivers of deaf children find ways to empower the family and the child.

When you first learn your child has a hearing problem many of these things ”run through“ your thoughts causing stress and anger.


You will worry about what to do:  So many processionals, so little time. so much information….

Denial: No, This is not true, this can not be happening to my family.

Fear:  What does this all mean? What will happen to my child?  My family?  Our future?

Sadness: Crying, feeling of shame, desperation.  Why me?

Anger: Anger at yourself God, the world in general again Why me?

Hopeless: My family is doomed, my child is deformed what did I do?  Why Me?

What will our neighbor’s friends think? Why me, I am so ashamed.

Guilt: What did I do?  Did I not eat right? Why me?

Loneliness: I am alone in all of this…Why me?  Is there Help?

No one understands: Too much advise not enough solutions.  Why Me?  Why are people not listening to how I feel?  What I think?

Accept that your child cannot hear well: What a concept.  So easy to say so hard to do.  As time passes though you will learn that your child needs the same love, affection, discipline,

and learning as other children.

Take action: Understand that you have many mixed feelings and are receiving many conflicting reports but follow your heart, your gut.  What feels right for you?  Your family?  Do it.  Take charge. Search out other families of deaf children.  Deaf adults in your community that can offer you support and understanding.


Please do not feel despair there is assistance, there are people who care.  Give us a call we are here to help...

What Coaching4Kids can do to help.

As you have read earlier you may have found yourself in a sea of paperwork concerning your child and their hearing loss.  From Schools Individual Education Plans, to speech, audiologist and doctor’s reports you are feeling overwhelmed.  You may be experiencing frustration, anger, and complete helplessness.  ”What does all of this mean?“  ”How can I effectively help my child when I feel so overwhelmed?“  If you have found yourself asking these questions as well as others Coaching 4 kids might be for you. .We can assist you in the process from toilet training to Assisting with school placement we have a program that you may utilize in the privacy of your own home.

Coaching for kids is a program that offers assistance in all areas of your child’s life.  In this program you will receive comprehensive emails and phone calls to assist you in your specific areas of need.   For further information please email me at .  Please leave your email address phone numbers and areas of concern.  All email will be answered within a 24 hour period of time

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