The Life of a teenager…Oh My!!!!......A trip back in time…..

What’s a Parent to do…..

Meeting new people,  Oh my, What do I say, How do I act?   Will they like me?

Making personal decisions everyday, What do I wear, How do I do my hair?  Who will talk to me? What do I say when they do?

Facing new peer pressures (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.)  And are we not forgetting school violence,  I am not going to think about it.  I am going to think about it.  What am I to do?

Conforming to behaviors that conflict with personal beliefs. Everyone is doing it, I know it is wrong but what can I do to change that?  I want to be accepted.

Speaking up in class. What if it comes out wrong? What if the answer is wrong? I don’t want to sound stupid.

Communicating with educators. They are  adults I am just a kid.  Are they going to care what I think?

Managing course demands and schedules. So much to do so little time.  How can I get all of this done, plus my chores, plus family responsibilities, plus hanging with my friends?

Seeking academic assistance when problems arise. Who do I ask? What do I say?  Will I understand when they offer help?  Will they offer to help?  Will I just look stupid?

Balancing academics and social life. Not enough time to get it all done.   Why bother?

Coping with weight gain/loss. Those darn hormones kicking in.  Eating, purging, not eating at all, no matter what I do it doesn’t help.

Competing athletically. I hate PE, I can’t run as fast, I can’t be the best.  Why can’t I be like the others?

Forming positive health habits and breaking problem habits. Ok do I know what is good? and I know what is bad?  Am I right?  Who do I ask?  Wow will I sound stupid huh?

Becoming self-reliant in managing health/stress.  So much to do so little time , And if we can’t ,there is always drugs and alcohol to help.

Finding lifetime hobbies and activities. And where is the time, school. chores, family pressure, friends.

Connecting with a new friendship group. Will they like me?  Will I fit in?  What do I say?  What do I do?

Starting and managing romantic relationships. Kissing, dating equals excitement, being scared, what do I do?  What do I say?

Learning how to show emotions in appropriate ways. I know how I feel but really can I share these?

Managing conflict situations. Nope.. better to run and hide from these. 

Recognizing/deciding to act on sexual orientation. Those darn hormones again.  Why am I attracted to the person of the opposite sex? The same sex?  Where do I go for help?

Choosing an academic major. They are asking me choose, I don’t even know what I am going to wear tomorrow and they want me to decide on what I want to be for the rest of my life?

Do you remember?  Think about each of these; Try to answer them as you would as a teenager.  Then share your thoughts with your kids.  It will open the line of communication.  Share, Respect, and Understand.  The three principles of a positive parent child relationship. © 2011 All Rights Reserved. Please Read our Privacy Notice for any questions regarding our use of your email address.