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I entered Nancy Russell’s office when my son was 4yrs old. We had been trying to get help for him for about a year at no avail. My precious little boy was struggling at school, at home, and meeting friends. At one point he was even dismissed (kicked-out) of a preschool, his heart and soul was beautiful but his ability to make good choices and behave himself was virtually non-existent.  I was sure that there was nothing we could do in my heart I believed we had tried everything.

Ms. Russell quickly extinguished our fears. Her play therapy was brilliant. We were able to get Luke to begin communicating. After she was able to get him communicating the puzzle began to fit together. He has a Sensory disorder and ADHD. On this journey we encountered bad doctors, skeptical and impatient people and Ms. Russell stood strong continuing to help us. Yes us, not only did she help Luke but she helped me with great referrals and ideas when I felt completely lost and robotic she was encouraging and helpful.


My son Luke is now six; he starts kindergarten this year and is completely prepared. He is a leader in the classroom and is learning ever so quickly. He has lots of friends and His beautiful heart and soul are exemplified by his good choices and behavior. This story is a miracle!! My husband and I had resigned ourselves to dinners at home, alternating Sundays in church and making excuses when invited to parties with the whole family.

We now are enjoying life all together in all situations and at all times. It was Ms. Russell who was the vessel in our search for a way to help our little boy. Without her we would not be where we are as a family and our beautiful boy would still be struggling. We thank God often for the effect she has had on our lives and encourage anyone struggling with their child to seek her assistance, we promise she is brilliant.

Living happily ever after,

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