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These documents are a set of charts to assist teachers in classroom management. The first document is a free download. The remaining documents must be purchased to receive the appropriate key to open the remaining charts. To save each file, you can right click on the image and save target as to download the documents to your desktop. Be sure to download the documents from this page.

Behavior Chart info sheet

No Charge

Daily-Checklist Sheet

Weekly-Checklist Sheet

Monthly-Checklist Sheet

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Share the facts

A questionnaire for parents and children aged 9 to ?.

Do we really know our kids?

Do they really know us?

Want to find out?

Print out the following survey and share it with your kids….A great tool to open communication.

What Do Your Parents Want?


Beyond yelling and your teen…A parent’s guide to effective communication

Do I need it?  How do I get?  What can I do with it?

Beyond Yelling...



SLEEP????   What’s that???

A Parent’s guide to getting their own beds back.

Thoughts from children aged 2 to 6

Sleep.. What's That?


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