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What is Coaching4Kids?  Do I need it?  How do I get it?


Coaching4Kids offers you support in two distinct ways.  One as a parent another as a person.  When you decide to access our services you will receive innovative parenting tips, parental support, and assistance in the maze we call school. Personal coaching and support to assist you along the way is also a major component of our program.  If it is only for a ”tune-up“ alter counseling/therapy services or a program specifically designed for your family we are here to help.

Coaching4Kids will help you achieve the life you want, both personally and as a parent. We will help to clarify who you are, what you want, what's blocking you, and works with you to move you and your family forward. Coachin4Kids help clients to create their own solutions and help to keep them motivated towards achieving great results. Coaching4Kids is not an internet counseling service, but an innovative system that places the focus not on the problem, but on the solution.

Services are offered in person out of the home office in St Petersburg FL, over the phone, or for Deaf clients instant messaging and or video relay (We are fluent in ASL).  Sessions are usually one hour long.  Which includes a detailed summary of each session either mailed or emailed to your home address.


How Much Does It Cost?


Coaching4Kids fees are $400.00 per month which is based on four (4) 45-minute to 1-hour coaching sessions over a 30 day period with unlimited e-mailing between sessions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Complimentary Coaching4Kids session

If you think Coaching4Kids might be what you're looking for please send an email requesting a 30 minute complementary session, with an active email address including contact information and the best time you may be reached.

A complementary session with Coaching4Kids not only lets you experience taking the first step toward leading the life you want and to be the best parent you can, it allows you to discover if the services are a perfect match and that we may be able to assist you in your future goals.


Remember your first session is free!!!!!




Nancy Rae Russell LCSW




Payment Procedure: All fees are paid in advance for each Coaching4Kids session. Sessions will commence once payment is

received and scheduled.

Accepted payments are through the Paypal service. Parents will receive an email for secured payment through Paypal once releases are signed.

We will accept Personal Checks Bank Checks and Money Orders made payable to:


Nancy Rae Russell

6727 1 Ave South Suite 110

St Petersburg FL 33709

Call Procedure: Nancy Russell will call parents at a pre-arranged time. Calls that are not answered will be regarded as a


Cancellations Policy: There is a 7 day cancellation policy. There will be no refund or credit for cancellations made less than 7 days

prior to the session scheduled,

Coach/Client Relationship: Coaching4Kids will concentrate specifically on parenting issues creating goals for the four week sessions. Goals include but are not limited to: improving parenting skills, controlling temper tantrums, routines, effective discipline, toilet training, sleeping issues, healthy eating habits, establish routines, enhance parent child relationships, effective discipline, as well as anything you bring to the table.  Remember Coaching4Kids is here for you and your family.  Our program is designed specifically for your needs. Please remember, be fully aware and understand that  Coaching4Kids is in no way meant to replace or be construed as Psychotherapy, Psychological counseling, or any type of therapy. Coaching4Kids is not a substitute for psychological counseling.

 If along the way you feel the need for psychological therapy, or if it requested by Coaching4Kids it is the client who is responsible to seek out that licensed professional.

Confidentiality: We are well aware of the private nature of these coaching sessions. Coaching4Kids/and their staff will not

disclose at anytime, either directly or indirectly any personal information discussed during the coaching sessions. The confidentiality agreement does not apply to any illegal activities, child abuse, suicidal intent, or plans to conduct any illegal activities. These will be reported to the local authorities.  This service is to insure that everyone is SAFE.

Termination: The client can terminate the coaching relationship at any time. Cancellation must be made in writing by e-mail

with at least a seven-day notice.

Please contact us to schedule your free session!!!!!


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